The Manx Cat


AGI: d8
STR: d6
VIT: d6
ALE: d2
INT: d2
WIL: d4

Init 8
LP 12
Scale Massive
Speed 4
Skills Heavy Weapons d4, Mechanical Engineering d4,
Perception d4, Pilot d6
Armaments Linked Heavy Cannons (Large Scale)
Armor Wound 2, Stun 2
Description: 190 × 120 × 60 feet
Crew 4
Passengers 4
Tonnage 2,365
Cargo Capacity 600 Tons (460 available after armor and passenger cabins)

She may be big, awkward and lousy in a fight, but she’s yours. She will never win any beauty contests or races, but this big cruiser has been through a lot. With over 50 years of space travel, millions of light years, and more jury-rigged repairs and patched hull panels than you’d care to think, she has survived it all. She may not be much for combat but she has allowed you to earn a living as an independent cargo hauler. There are probably eight different colors on her from all her repairs but all the rust makes it hard to tell.


The Manx Cat

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