Brevoy History

The History of Brevoy

The first colony on Brevoy was founded almost 600 years ago. It is approximately the size of our Mars but with a more Earth-like gravity. There is one main continent in the southern hemisphere of approximately 35,000 square miles, and several small volcanic islands scattered throughout the rest of the surface area, none of which are worth settling due to the dangers posed by the frequent and violent storms created in the oceanic region or the volcanic activity of the islands themselves.

All seemed well at first but soon strange things began to happen. There was some un-explicable force acting on this world. Mutations started showing up. Behavior changes. Physical changes. But it didn’t stop with the livestock. Soon, the human population started to experience similar changes.

The ruling lords of the time, whose ancestors are now the Exiles of Cania, decided that the only course of action was to quarantine the planet and abandon it. This was not an easy decision as many of the ruling families had sent close family to secure their holdings.

Eventually Brevoy was declared a loss and all space ports were dismantled. Most technology was removed or destroyed to prevent the populace from building a means of escape. The world was for the most part thrown back to the iron age.

Recently, the Lords of Cania have decided that it is now time to resurrect Brevoy. Their hope is that there is some way they can use Brevoy to overthrow the Blue Suns or at the very least, escape to there. It would still be an exile of sorts but it would be one out from under the restrictions of the tyrannical Blue Suns.

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Brevoy History

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