Rysi Daival

Blue Suns Customs Officer


Rysi Daival is a pudgy, dark-skinned Human male whose main goal is to fulfill his duties efficiently. A man with a distinguished past (in the eyes of the Blue Suns, Rysi proved himself early in his career. After a brief stint as a bureaucrat, Rysi was transferred to Empar as an adviser to the Consular-General. He immediately attacked the holo industry. He instituted bans of all kinds, and at the pinnacle of his short-lived holo career, he managed to blacklist many fine performers by claiming that they were rebellious sympathizers.

The powerful holo industry eventually managed to blackmail Rysi’s superiors and he lost his post. However, he had proven his worth to the Blue Suns and was promoted again. After a brief retraining, Rysi was appointed to head the Office of Customes in the Cluster.

Rysi now travvels from world to world aboard a customs corvette which he commands to make sure that the planetary customs offices are doing a proper job. He does an excellent job of rooting out corrupt Blue Suns officials and tracks smugglers like a hound.

Rysi has a huge ego. Many customs officials fall prey to bribery, but Daival will not tolerate the slightest infraction of Blue Suns rules or laws. Truly a smuggler’s nightmare, Daival will check every last paper and credential a freighter captain has.

“But your papers indicate that only 20 cubic meters of spice is aboard your vessel. I’m just eying it, but I’ll guess there are at least 22 cubic meters. I suggest you recalculate your load or else you could be found guilty of defrauding the Blue Suns Office of Customs.”


Rysi Daival

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